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Don't Fly Blind: Mastering Strategic Budgeting for Business Success Episode 7

Don't Fly Blind: Mastering Strategic Budgeting for Business Success

· 13:30

A budget is often an afterthought in running your business. It's a stale document that collects dust and only gets updated once per year. But what if the budget you've tossed to the wayside could be used to scale your business and achieve your goals?

In this episode of The Profit Plot, host Jeremy Millar demystifies strategic budgeting, an essential tool for aligning your financial plan with your business goals. Through exploring its advantages, implementation steps, role in business growth, overcoming common challenges, and valuable tools, Jeremy guides small business owners towards more proactive and informed decision-making to unlock their business's financial potential.


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Creators and Guests

Jeremy Millar
Jeremy Millar
Accountant and trusted advisor to a few of the best small businesses in the world.


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