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Mastering Price Elasticity for Business Success Episode 15

Mastering Price Elasticity for Business Success

· 08:45

How does pricing affect your business? Dive into the fascinating world of price elasticity of demand with The Profit Plot. Together, we unravel the mysteries behind successful pricing strategies, drawing parallels between the elasticity of childhood rubber bands and the demands of today's market.

Join Jeremy Millar on a transformative journey, learning how to craft a resilient brand that resonates with customers, converting commodities to essentials. We delve into the secrets of mastering market fluctuations, paving the way for a thriving business. Subscribe to The Profit Plot and step into a community driven by shared knowledge and collaborative growth, one insightful episode at a time.


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Creators and Guests

Jeremy Millar
Jeremy Millar
Accountant and trusted advisor to a few of the best small businesses in the world.


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