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The Benefits of Financial Coaching for Small Business Owners Episode 2

The Benefits of Financial Coaching for Small Business Owners

· 12:50

There are many types of business coaches. Some focus on C-Suite or Executive level coaching, many focus on mindset, and still others choose to focus their coaching efforts on the business as a whole. The most effective coaches leverage data and information from the business itself in order to deeply understand the story within.

On today's episode of the profit plot, we're discussing Financial Coaching. What is a financial coach, and how can one help your business grow? Working with a Financial Coach in your business can allow you to build a truly robust and effective system for translating and communicating financial data. With the right help, you can turn your data into actionable insights that ultimately help you grow.


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Jeremy Millar
Jeremy Millar
Accountant and trusted advisor to a few of the best small businesses in the world.


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