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Three Financial Formulas Every Business Owner Should Know Episode 13

Three Financial Formulas Every Business Owner Should Know

· 12:28

How do you improve a struggling business or grow an already successful one? There are so many ways to track your business's performance, but how do you know what's the right way? You need to measure and manage the right data points using the right method. 

Explore the often-misunderstood mantra, "What gets measured gets managed," and discover its potential pitfalls. Host Jeremy Millar reveals three crucial financial metrics—Current Ratio, Gross Profit Margin, and Return on Investment—that every business owner should understand but use judiciously. These metrics aren't just numbers; they're stories that can guide or mislead the health of your business.


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Creators and Guests

Jeremy Millar
Jeremy Millar
Accountant and trusted advisor to a few of the best small businesses in the world.


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